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Petitions Submitted

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Name: Gwen McBeth
Date: 11/26/12
Message: This is a must needed foundation and I highly support it.
Blessings, Gwen McBeth

Name: Ninette Butts Desoto Tx
Date: 10/24/11
Message: May God place his hand upon the children.

Name: esther reyna
Date: 06/03/11
Message: God bless

Name: Arthur L Fields
Date: 04/16/11
Message: Dallas Texas

Name: Stacey Fields
Date: 04/16/11
Message: I have lost children in the past from an abortion & one miscarriage. Now I feel the lose which was suppose to be with these blessings from God above. It is never to late to get back what satan meant for harm.

Name: SheRanda Hodge
Date: 03/27/11
Message: GREAT CAUSE........... Gone but NEVER forgotten!!!!!!!!

Name: LaVonda Bowman
Date: 03/27/11
Message: Great cause.. Continue to rest in peace lil angel... (Tears) I appreiate the family for allowinfg me to sing @ the funeral that really meant alot to me.

Name: Julie Hanson
Date: 10/21/10
Message: Dallas TX

Name: Liliana Del Olmo
Date: 10/20/10
Message: Dallas, Tx God Bless

Name: LaShondra Russell
Date: 10/14/10
Message: I am a first time grandparent and was a teen mom and that baby and my kids are my life and i would do anything for them. We have to keep our children safe.

Name: Kimberly Wright
Date: 09/17/10
Message: God bless

Name: Everett & Joyce Shelby
Date: 03/09/10
Message: We support the Titches Timeout Plan. Let the voices of all grandparents be heard.

Name: Patricia Harrison
Date: 03/05/10
Message: May the Lord to continue to bless and protect our children. Spread the word.

Name: Carolyn D. Lathan
Date: 03/04/10
Message: This is a beautiful thing you're doing. I hope the word spreads.

Name: Rena Wilson
Date: 03/04/10
Message: Great cause. Hope this helps prevent child abuse.

Date: 03/04/10
Message: GOD BLESS

Name: Penny Jacko
Date: 03/04/10
Message: Our babies need our protection.

Name: Sharinecia Davis
Date: 03/04/10
Message: There is no better timing than God's.

Name: Karen Coleman
Date: 03/04/10
Message: May God Bless you in your endeavors to save more children from abusive situations!

Name: Joyce Shelby
Date: 03/04/10
Message: Stand strong and hold on to God's unchanging hand as he leads you to higher heights with the Titches Timeout Plan.

Name: Lester Coleman
Date: 02/24/10
Message: This is long overdue.