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Violence Prevention from Dallas, Texas

Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation of Dallas, Texas, is working toward creating domestic violence legislation and violence prevention initiatives to help those dealing with dangerous home situations.


Abuse is far too prevalent in our society, and the lasting damage it causes to families and communities is incalculable. Our mission and purpose is to expand the message and awareness about domestic violence against children and the impact it truly has.

Under no circumstance does a child, a woman, or a man deserve to face violence in the home. Bent on making certain the victims of domestic violence are championed the Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation is bent on presenting petitions to congress to pass legislation.

The goal is to make involvement and intervention simpler, including allowing grandparents to step into the ring and remove children from abusive homes.

Woman, Violence Prevention in Dallas, TX

Safe Haven

Comfortable living environments and safe houses are in short supply for women and children looking to escape home terror and domestic violence. It is in our long-term plans to build and provide a secure environment for anyone looking for a safe haven and place to escape a violent home.

Entering partnerships and building community support is the key to creating safe spaces and helping bring peace to children and adults suffering from domestic violence. No one should have to remain in a dangerous home situation because there isn't a better place to go. The Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation is here to bring peace and champion the needs of those looking to escape domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Intervention

On May of 2009, Dallas Police Department sponsored a Kids Fun Day. On this day the children and sponsors for all sorts of domestic violence were there with contact information for parents, teachers, grandparents to be aware of the symptoms of domestic violence and what to look for in our children.

The Titches Timeout Plan had a table set up and did receive about 200 signature for the plan. Many grandparents came by with testimonies of the nightmares they encountered trying to get their grandbabies out of drug infested homes as well and acholic beverages.

I had the opportunity to hear stories as myself, but unlike myself, they were able to rescue their grandchild. The table was visited by attorneys, great grandmothers, clergy members and all walks of life. None of us are exempt to KNOW this will never happen to them. I did not.

Also in 2007, I was given the honor to also be apart of the City of Lancaster Police Department Crime Victims Awareness Fair. I participated in that project for three years. Again I was able to receive signatures, encouragement, and prayers to continue on my journey.

I ask for our State Representatives, Congress, and Senate ( which all were contacted either by mail or in personal with no respond) to take a look and open up their eyes and ears to this silent killer which is taking the lives of our future doctors, lawyers, congressman, and perhaps our president.

Please support the Titches Timeout Plan and remember this could happen to you.

God Bless
Cathy Lee Executive of Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation.