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Grandparents Rights in Texas, A Safe Haven for Children of Domestic Violence

Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation of Dallas, TX, is a nonprofit community organization who fight for grandparents rights and are bent on bringing an end to domestic violence by providing a safe haven for those suffering at the hands of violence.

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Based entirely with the intent of empowering victims and victims' family members of domestic violence the Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation and its members know the dangers and disparity that comes with domestic violence and the struggle with receiving assistance.

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Our society is too advanced to allow domestic violence to perpetuate and to leave victims helpless and family members powerless to intervene.

The Mission

The key component and mission of the Titches Lindley Foundation Corporation is to bring the plight of domestic violence to the forefront and press legislators to enact laws allowing family members, especially grandparents, the legal authority to step in and remove children and women who are exposed to domestic violence.

Working together we can create safe havens and spaces for victims of domestic violence, as well as bring attention and violence prevention initiatives to end this epidemic.



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